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About Mailchimp

Mailchimp helps local businesses establish themselves online and develop digital marketing programs. Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together so you can reach your goals faster – all from a single platform.

How Mailchimp can help you

Reach the right people

Gain access to tools that help you get to know your audience

Create content and automate marketing

Easy-to-use design tools and flexible templates

Gain valuable insights

See what’s working best, and get recommendations to do more of it

How Mailchimp works with Signpost

Signpost + Mailchimp

Signpost and Mailchimp connect to sync contact lists and help local businesses send the right automated marketing campaigns at the right times to their prospects and customers.

What Mailchimp clients say

“I think Mailchimp being an all-in-one tool really helps greatly with growing our business and taking control. It’s helped us change with the times while staying true to ourselves.”
Corina Nima
Azalea San Francisco
“Mailchimp is the marketing team’s best friend. We use it to do almost all the heavy lifting.”
Sarah Lowe
“We’ve been able to create highly targeted emails relevant to each audience, and have seen dramatic increases in email engagement.”
Louise Lau

Interested in learning more?

Check out Mailchimp’s website to learn more about their service.