American Contractor

The weekly show for Contractors, by Contractors

The weekly show for Contractors, by Contractors

About American Contractor Show

Hosted by industry veteran John Dye, the American Contractor Show is the weekly online video show for roofers and contractors, offering the latest industry news and insights you need to scale your business to new heights. It connects you with the most innovative minds in the industry who share their secrets to success.

How American Contractor Show can help you


Fresh and Relevant News

Stay on top of industry trends that affect your business and learn from the pros how to be proactive and avoid pitfalls.


Industry-Specific Topics

Why waste time hearing about tools and techniques that don’t fit your business model? Get curated content just for contractors.


Whole Business Solutions

ACS features experts to help you streamline all aspects of your business processes with helpful tools and best practices.

How American Contractor Show works with Signpost

ACS and Signpost team up to help contractors fine-tune their marketing practices to generate more leads, improve their customer communications, and get more online reviews. Together, we provide valuable knowledge and marketing resources to help you grow your business.

Interested in learning more?

Check out American Contractor Show’s website to learn more about their service.