The Signpost API is an open RESTful API that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their existing systems and data with Signpost's automated marketing platform.
Using the Signpost API, franchises and multi-location businesses can automatically populate and update their contact lists using data from an existing CRM or lead management system. In its most basic implementation, a business will use the API to periodically send the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of prospects and customers to Signpost, eliminating the need for CSV uploads and manual data entry.
Once you have spoken with your sales representative or account manager about obtaining access, Signpost will provide an authentication token. This token must be included in every API call you make to ensure your data is being accessed and updated securely.
The Signpost API is simple and requires minimal development to complete an integration. Technical documentation for the API including detailed instructions on how to properly format API calls can be found here.
The Signpost API is free to use for all Signpost business customers.
You can always contact with questions both during the initial development phase and after the API integration is up and running. A Signpost representative will respond within 24 hours. If the matter is urgent, please add "URGENT" to the subject line and our team will respond immediately.