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A woman talking on a headset in a call center, representing call center outsourcing.

Call Center Outsourcing: Definition, Benefits, and Essential Tips

What is Call Center Outsourcing? Call center outsourcing refers to the practice of shifting your customer care to an external contact or call center that will handle customer phone interactions on behalf of your business.     Call center outsourcing is a dynamic customer communication solution that allows you to provide remarkable customer support without incurring

People talking on cordless phones, depicting contact center vs call center.

Contact Center vs Call Center: Overview & Key Differences

Contact Center vs Call Center The future of customer service is undergoing a digital transformation.  It comes as no surprise that this will have a direct impact on the way local and small businesses develop their customer experience. Customer satisfaction is being redefined due to the emergence of digital channels and omnichannel support provided.  But

A woman on the phone talking to a customer.

What is an Answering Service? Information for Small & Local Businesses

What is an Answering Service? Regardless of the type of business you have, be it local, small, or a bigger company, hiring a phone answering service can greatly improve your level of customer support and help your business become better equipped to respond to all customer calls. Answering service companies are those that answer calls

A cartoon image of a man on the phone talking to an angry customer.

How to Deal with an Angry Customer: 8 Easy-to-Follow Tips

8 Tips on How to Deal with Angry or Difficult Customers As Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Knowing how to not only deal with an angry customer but learn from these customer experiences can truly help your business flourish.  Unfortunately, upset customers do not always express

Podium vs Birdeye vs Signpost

Birdeye vs Podium vs Signpost: Which is Best for Local Businesses?

Podium vs Birdeye vs Signpost Today, businesses are challenged by the various nuances of social media and digital marketing. It’s more difficult for local and small businesses to establish themselves online, manage their online reviews, and maintain positive customer interactions.   This is where reputation management software and platforms come in.    A reputation management

A person engaging in text marketing on their phone.

What to Know About Text Message Marketing for Your Home Service Business

What is Text Message Marketing?     Did you know that 68% of consumers say that checking and responding to text messages is the activity they do most on their phones throughout the day?    In a time of extensive email marketing, social media, and various digital marketing methods, text marketing remains one of the

The Signpost Guide to Electrical Contractor Marketing

Did you know that 92% of small business owners believe that having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy? While that may be true, only 64% have their own website. That may be due to the fact that most small businesses just don’t know where or how to start their marketing journey.  For

A man sorting through contractor leads.

Boost Your Contracting Business’ Leads Through These Marketing Strategies

If you’re a general contractor, lead generation is essential. As a contractor, building your marketing skills and digital presence can make a significant difference in attracting more potential customers—namely, leads—to your business and its offerings.   A qualified lead is someone who could be a potential customer for your business based on their fulfillment of