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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 11: Becoming Unforgettable: How to Get (and Keep) Customers

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Are you spending too much time getting new customers to never see them again?

Getting new leads and converting them to customers can take a lot of time and $. You can’t afford to let those customers slip away after you finish a job. Retention is key! Learn from expert David Moerman of Home Service Business Coach how you can get and KEEP those valuable customers.

Here’s some of the key learnings: 

  • The 2/3 goal for repeat customers: 4:21 
  • Creating a neighborhood buzz: 6:20 
  • Branding priorities: 7:39 
  • The beginning of the customer journey: 10:40
  • Competing on price?: 13:10 
  • Getting in front of customers 15:25 
  • Asking what’s important to the customer 18:40
  • Your customer avatar 24:16
  • Strategy for customer reviews 30:07
  • 3 things you need before the job is complete 34:54  

With the right strategy and the right tools, you can create a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more. To learn more,

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