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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 12: Getting Bigger Jobs and Better Customers

What's the secret to getting more $$$ out of your jobs?

You’ve got lots of jobs but the payouts per job are just ok. How can you get bigger jobs and customers that offer more opportunities and pay well? Housecall Pro founder Roland Ligtenberg reveals the secrets he’s learned to increasing the value of each job and how to nail down future income streams.


This episode is especially for providers of plumbing, HVAC, electrical, cleaning and restoration services, and other specialty and custom home services. 


Hear Roland talk about: 

  • Why customer retention is key 3:35 
  • Who are your customers? 5:06
  • Free tools to target customers 6:48
  • EDDM- Why the postal service is your friend 8:10
  • Measuring customer lifetime value (CLV) 11:40
  • Identifying upsell opportunities 12:57
  • Branding and cross-selling on the spot 15:55
  • Planning for the low season 17:15
  • Referral strategies 18:55
  • Staying top of mind 21:18
  • Recap of what you need to do 23:35

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