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Contractor’s Corner Ep 15: 5 Things Every Contractor Needs for Business Growth

How do you grow your business on a limited budget?

How are you growing your home service business? What areas of your business need an investment of time or resources so that you can better compete in your local market and bring your business to the next level? Watch TJ Jones of Signpost and Mike Haeg of Fundbox explain how pros of any size business can start investing in 5 key areas, regardless of their current budget. 

  • Prioritizing with a limited budget 5:08 
  • Why you need to answer your phone 6:47 
  • Leads Management 7:45 
  • Short-term cash flow vs Long term growth 9:45 
  • How to take advantage of seasonality 11:12 
  • Showing your presence in the neighborhood 16:43
  • How the back of the house affects customer experience 20:24 
  • Investing in employee training 22:24 
  • Finishing strong to define the customer experience 26:41 
See how Fundbox can help you get the resources you need to achieve your short and long term goals.
Learn how Signpost can help you create a more positive customer experience that happy customers want to talk about: Learn More

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