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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 2: 5 Elements of a Killer Sales Proposal

What does it take to wow your customers with a sales proposal?

In the second episode of the series “Contractor’s Corner”, our own VP of Marketing Laura Nelson talked to Ryan Schantz of SumoQuote to find out what key elements should be included in a winning sales proposal to get your customers’ attention and clinch the deal.


Check out the highlights of the 35 minute discussion here and feel free to weigh in and add your comments on the YouTube page!

  • From Roofing to Fashion Design to Tech
  • Why Roofing?
  • Helping Contractors Close More Jobs
  • What’s in a Killer Sales Proposal
  • How to Connect with your Customers
  • How to Educate your Customers and Remove Roadblocks
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Identifying and Solving your Customers Problems
  • Eliminating Risk
  • The Proof is in Your Reputation
  • Resources

You can also connect with Ryan at SumoQuote to get a firsthand view of how to incorporate these elements into a killer sales proposal.

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