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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 3: Hiring the Right People at Every Stage of Your Business

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Are you hiring the right kind of employees for your business needs today?

Whether you have a small business as a “Chuck in the Truck” or you’re rapidly growing with a larger staff on payroll, it’s critical to define a hiring strategy that aligns with your business goals.

With a growing contracting business, how do you make sure you are hiring the right people who have the right skills as your business expands? We chatted with our friends Nathan Trebedo and Rosalynn Verges at ContractorCoachPRO who are experts in helping contractors scale their business and they told us about the key elements for hiring at each stage of growth. 

In the 3rd episode of the new Signpost webcast “Contractor’s Corner,” Tom Davis, Director of Partnerships at Signpost dove into some tough topics around hiring the right kind of employees as the business needs change.


Some highlights of the 30 min discussion:

  • How Nathan started his career and worked his way to be lead coach
  • Roz- How HR and Marketing make the perfect mix
  • What is “Hiring for the Right People?”
  • Culture- Clash or Fit?
  • Identifying the needs by the growth stage
  • 4 Major Stages of a Contracting Business
  • Do you know “Chuck in a Truck” or “Jan in a Van?”
  • Finding people to do the tasks you don’t like
  • Hiring someone to allow YOU to generate more revenue
  • When you need clear job descriptions
  • Why you need a basic employee handbook in a small business
  • Why casting a wider net requires a wider skillset
  • Interviewing tips- asking the right questions
  • Do salespeople always make great sales managers?
  • Taking a hard look in the mirror to determine if you are modeling success
  • The “one thing” you need to decide in your business strategy…
  • Admitting when you don’t have the answer

More episodes to be posted in the Signpost YouTube channel soon!

Learn how Signpost can help you stay in touch with customers and help you get more customer reviews.

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