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Contractor’s Corner Ep 4: 6 Secrets to Managing Your Cashflow

Is your business cashflow healthy? How do you measure it?


If you are sitting on a large chunk of change in your bank account, is this an indicator of your business’ financial health? What does a good cashflow look like for contractors and how do you keep it in check going forward?


In the 4th episode of the new Signpost webcast “Contractor’s Corner,” We chatted with Jenny DePoint, Financial Coach at Contractor Coach Pro to get the skinny about managing cashflow. 


Jenny covered 6 Secrets here:

  1. Why cashflow management is NOT about collections
  2. Qualities of a good Finance Champion
  3. Metrics of a healthy cashflow: Revenue, Profitability, Spending
  4. How to track metrics online
  5. Role of Production, Finance, and Sales teams in cashflow management
  6. Budgeting for a “break-even model”

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