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Contractor’s Corner Ep 5: 7 Hacks for Getting More Customer Reviews

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Why are customer reviews important for your business? And what are the best ways to get reviews? We chatted with Gregg Towsley of Grow Plumbing who shared some of his secrets to getting customer reviews that some might say are very creative and that anyone can do. 

Some of the highlights of the video:

  • Why focus on Reviews? 
  • Changing the grind and hustle of getting reviews
  • Word of Mouth- how does it work in today’s world?
  • Making your marketing $ count
  • What’s the right tool for the job?
  • How are you using the tool throughout your team and customer communications?
  • Easy ways to ask customers directly
  • Tapping into the customer experience
  • The next big thing: QR codes
  • Why you must get 4+ stars on Google
  • Game On! How to get employees excited
  • The marketing KPIs that matter
  • How to track your leads

Say hello to our friend Gregg Towsley who helps Plumbers and HVAC pros beef up their marketing

Want to see how Signpost can help generate reviews for you?

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