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Contractor’s Corner Ep 9: Management Secrets to Scale Your Business from $1M to $5M

Ronnie Smith gives it up to us for free...

What’s your strategy for growth? Are you ramping up or stuck on a plateau? We sat down with our friend Ronnie Smith, Chief Growth Coach of Job Nimbus, to hear secrets for effectively managing projects at every stage of growth. We caught up with him on his Kicking Asphalt tour…

  • What’s the Difference? 4:17
  • What $2M Looks Like 6:30
  • Tools of the Trade 6:55
  • Growing out of Excel 8:01
  • Knowing Your Numbers 11:00
  • What are you leaving on the table? 12:45
  • Pay Attention to Cashflow 13:12
  • Fine-tuning within each team 16:42
  • #1 Problem: Within Teams 16:55
  • #2 Problem: with Customers 17:14
  • #3 Problem: Follow-up =25% missed opportunities? 17:30
  • The Secret to a $5M business 18:47
  • Core Values 20:13
  • Forecasting is Key 21:33
  • Shift to Working ON the Business 21:48
  • Making the Investment 24:47
  • Visionaries vs Structure 25:49
  • The Customer Perspective 30:15


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