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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 1: “I’ve Got a Guy for That” – Building Relationships

Do you know how to be that person who everyone turns to as a good resource? When people come to you and ask for a recommendation, you can say, “Yeah, I know someone. I’ve got a guy for that. They’ll take care of you.”


That is the magic of great business relationships.


In the series premiere of the new Signpost webcast “Contractor’s Corner,” our own VP of Marketing Laura Nelson sat down with Michael Gogan of CompanyCam to chat about the value of building business relationships and looking beyond traditional “networking.”


Check out the highlights of the 35 minute discussion here and feel free to weigh in and add your comments on the YouTube page!

    • How Michael learned to hustle: 0:55
    • Relationship building in business 3:45
    • How to be more than transactional: 4:58
    • Starting with your clients- creating a 5-Star experience: 6:00
    • Who do should be in your ecosystem? 8:23
    • Roofers and restoration services making friends in insurance: 12:05
    • Tools to make insurance agents love you: 13:15
    • How do you know who to invest in?: 15:10
    • Avoid reputation-damaging pitalls: 18:10
    • Breaking up is hard to do: 21:50
    • Should you keep a scorecard? 24:06
    • The Shredding event- How relationships pay off: 25:15
    • Relationships over time- from golfballs to donuts and mentoring: 28:33
    • Resources 32:25

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