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Convert more Facebook leads with Facebook Instant Response

Our Facebook Messenger Instant Response feature allows you to respond to all inbound leads without lifting a finger. Businesses that respond to inquiries within an hour are seven times more likely to connect with decision-makers, according to research by the Harvard Business Review

According to Kleiner Perkins report on internet trends, 78% of US consumers made purchases through discoveries on Facebook. Businesses are on Facebook, using it as a tool to connect with their audience. Facebook is also an affordable way for businesses to start running social media ads. As a result of its power as a brand and marketing tool, many local businesses receive inbound messages on their Facebook business pages. These leads ask questions, request service, and coordinate through Facebook Messenger. 


We know that businesses are getting messages through Facebook. However, many businesses struggle with responding to messages in a timely manner. 58% of companies don’t follow-up with their leads. Often this is due to a lack of resources and time to field every inbound inquiry. But, without a way to send a message and qualify those leads, high revenue jobs also fall through the cracks. Let’s take a closer look at how Facebook Instant Response helps businesses convert more leads into booked jobs. 



How it works 


Signpost will connect with a business’s Facebook page. When a new message is sent to the business Facebook page, an instant reply will be triggered. This reply will appear to the lead over Facebook messenger, providing a seamless experience for the person reaching out to the business. Lead information will be brought into Signpost, so businesses can continue communicating with them and to generate reviews after the job is complete. 

The Instant Response messages are completely customizable. Businesses can represent their brand and provide pertinent information to qualify leads. Some examples are to ask a screening question that gets the lead to respond. Here are some examples: 

  • We currently have a 10% off promotion for everyone who books a job before the end of this week. What time can we call you for a consultation? 
  • Thanks for contacting us. In a few sentences, can you let us know what kind of project you’d like to complete? 
  • Hi, thanks for reaching out. We are currently booking 3 months out. What is the timeline for your project? – Smith & Sons Plumbing 

A better way to manage leads



Since the lead will see the reply on Facebook Messenger, they won’t know that Signpost is powering the first reply. From the businesses perspective, they can manage communications from the Messaging Hub, where messages from top lead sources and social media channels hit one central inbox. Alongside Facebook messages, businesses can view and respond to texts, Angi and Thumbtack service requests, as well as Google Business Messages.



Improved customer service 


According to Inside Sales, after just 5 minutes conversation rates drop by 8x. It is crucial to respond to leads right away if you want to convert their request into a booked job. Otherwise, leads move onto the competition until they reach someone who will respond to them. 

In addition to increasing your chance of landing the job, responding right away shows the lead that the business is interested in their project. It helps establish good communication from the start, laying the foundation for a positive customer service experience. Since the Messaging Hub is a seamless way to carry on the conversation with that lead, and continuing the conversation throughout the duration of the project. 


Available with Signpost’s software package, our suite of Instant Responders include: 

  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Angi powered by HomeAdvisor 
  • Google Business Messages 
  • Thumbtack 
  • Send a text message to engage callers who didn’t connect with someone at your business 

Start converting more leads into booked jobs with Signpost. Request a demo to get started. 

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