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How Facebook Messenger Can Help Your Business

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past few years, you’re probably well aware that Facebook is here to stay. The platform has billions of users, and it’s highly addictive – two-thirds of Facebook users log in EVERY DAY.


Facebook’s reach extends beyonds teens, young adults, and people with too much time on their hands. If you’re a business owner, you’re likely aware of the platform’s many benefits. Hopefully, you’ve set up a business page, enabled the reviews function and taken steps to generate more reviews.


The benefits of Facebook for Business don’t end with simply creating a page. You may have also invested in Facebook ads and seen some success. You might have joined some neighborhood and industry groups and spent time building your personal and professional profiles. These are all great ways to build up your business’s presence and drive awareness.


Engagement is the new frontier, however, and convenience is king.


What does that mean for you and your business? Consumers increasingly prefer texting and messaging businesses, rather than calling them. Your biggest opportunity is to create more – and easier – ways for people to connect with you and your team. If you’re not interacting with your prospects and customers through Facebook Messaging, you’re missing out. After all, more than 20 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses every month via Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Messenger can help your business in three core areas:

1. Attracting more potential customers. Consumers seek convenience and will take the path of least resistance when the option is available. Facebook Messenger offers them the opportunity to ask questions and interact with you and your business without the effort of a phone call or the pressure of scheduling an appointment before they have all the information they need. Your potential customers often have many choices when it comes to hiring a provider, and your ability to communicate on the channels they prefer to use can often make a big difference.

2. Managing inquiries. Facebook’s Messenger platform can not only get you into more conversations with potential customers, but it also helps you manage them more effectively than you might on other channels. You can set up automated responses to address basic questions and advance your conversations. Learn more about some of the options and how to set up automated responses here

3. Communicating quickly and on-the-go. We know that most business owners and managers aren’t tied to desks or in their offices all day, every day. Instead, you’re on the road, on the job, and onsite, meeting with your teams and customers. It’s imperative that your business adopts the right tools and technology to enable you to communicate with prospects and customers from a mobile device, and Facebook Messenger offers that opportunity to stay connected.

Once you’re set up, you’ll begin to realize these benefits, and stay on top of important prospect and customer conversations. 


Did you know?

Signpost’s new mobile app brings all of your business’s conversations across text, Chat, AND Facebook Messenger into a single place. Not only are you equipped to respond quickly and effectively, but you’re also able to create a better customer experience – from the initial inquiry to follow-up after a job is complete.


If you’re interested in accelerating engagement with your prospects and customers, connect with our team

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