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The Top Sales Tracking Software for Small Home Service Businesses Everywhere

A home service business owner using sales tracking software.

Does My Business Really Need Sales Tracking Software?

You don’t have to be a large corporation with hundreds of employees to use sales tracking software. The sales pipeline can be tricky to manage for any business, including small and local businesses


In fact, 91% of companies with more than just 11 employees utilize sales tracking or CRM tools to improve their business operations and sales process.


For home service businesses, such as plumbers and contractors, it may be easier to focus on day-to-day client engagement and sometimes forget the significant advantage that technology provides to amp up their sales activities.


This is where sales tracking software comes into play.


Sales tracking software refers to any tool that helps operations and sales teams better manage workflows, automate sales activities, and accurately track revenue. 


Sales tracking software often feature elements of customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management (i.e., functions that provide insight into prospects, identify any issues in the sales funnel, and track sales to produce sales reports that streamline organizational strategy). 


Sales tracking software also offer: 


  • An organized and centralized database. No more disorganized binders or cabinets with last quarter’s sales! With sales tracking software, lead generation/lead-tracking data, sales opportunities, and multiple other data entry points can be accumulated and organized all in one place.


  • Ability to make more accurate sales forecasts and projections. By tapping into various metrics, KPIs, and sales data, your business can forecast more effectively.


  • Offers real-time insight into business performance. Sales tracking tools provide direct insights into the sales cycle, which can reflect healthy business performance.


  • Ability to improve and enhance customer service skills. Sales reps, sales managers, and other key team members can leverage individual sales insights and even harness the power of a CRM platform through integration, allowing them to serve customers better in the future. 

Your business can use sales tracking software with CRM software (and other pipeline management tools!) to take your business revenues and ops to the next level. 



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5 Popular CRM and Sales Tracking Software for Small Home Service Businesses


If your home service business is looking to make the best of your sales management function, consider using any of the following sales tracking tools. 


1. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a sales tracking tool specific to home service businesses, catering to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, garage door, landscaping, and more industries! 


Housecall Pro homepage.


Its primary sales-centric features include:

  • Helping with online bookings
  • Follow-up marketing
  • Sales proposals
  • Advanced reporting software

Housecall Pro also provides an integrated approach through the provision of scheduling and dispatch software, invoicing, and even payment management! 


Housecall Pro Pricing

Housecall Pro has three pricing tiers, with the medium tier being the most popular.


Housecall Pro pricing.


You can read more about each package here.


Signpost integrates directly with Housecall Pro to automate follow-up and other important messaging. If you’re interested in learning how to connect your accounts, please reach out here

2. Jobber

Jobber aims to assist home service businesses manage administrative tasks such as contact management, credit card processing, and workflow automation.


Jobber homepage.


Jobber caters to three primary industries: Green, Contracting, and Cleaning. 


  • Green industries include those in: Lawn Care, Tree Care, and Landscaping.
  • Contracting industries include those in: General Contracting, Plumbing, Handyman, HVAC
  • Cleaning industries include those in: Residential Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and Window Washing


If your business falls into one or more of those categories, what might you be able to do with Jobber? You can:

  • Organize your operations through Jobber’s sales CRM software
  • Impress your customers through effective messaging
  • Grow your business and close deals with follow-ups and sales reporting

Jobber Pricing

Businesses can opt for a 14-day free trial with Jobber. Jobber also has three-tier pricing, as shown below.


Jobber pricing.

Interested to know the breakdowns of what’s included? Click here!


3. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is another leading tool for home service businesses. 


Sevice Titan website.


It provides sales tracking and CRM services for several business types, including:


  • Service and Replacement
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Franchise
  • Enterprise


ServiceTitan boasts an extensive product offering. Your business can:

  • Grow its revenue through ServiceTitan’s marketing software
  • Streamline operations by managing scheduling and dispatching
  • Nail your project management with real-time sales insights and reporting
  • Leverage CRM solutions to enhance your customer experience


The company also provides three “Pro” products: Marketing Pro, Pricebook Pro, and Phone Pro.

ServiceTitan Pricing

ServiceTitan doesn’t currently display an open pricing model. If you’re interested in their offerings, you can request a demo through their site and obtain a personalized quote.


4. Acculynx

Acculynx is an industry-leading roofing software app and has even been shortlisted for The SaaS Awards’ “Best SaaS Product for Customer Service/CRM” award.




Unlike the other sales tracking tool providers on this list, Acculynx specializes in its services to target roofers. 


Acculynx integrates sales tracking with other functions such as: 

  • Customer relationship management
  • Estimating
  • Aerial measurement ordering
  • Live activity feeds
  • Productivity measurement

Acculynx Pricing

To get an idea of the pricing option, you’ll have to submit a pricing request here.



JOBPROGRESS is an all-inclusive productivity platform used by home improvement contractors to make the best of their sales process.




JOBPROGRESS is not only limited to pure sales tracking. Its functionality recognizes that sales performance and goals go hand-in-hand with other essential business activities. 


Its features include the following: 

  • Customized jobs and workflow management 
  • Customer relationship management 
  • Online marketing 
  • Estimating, quoting, and scheduling
  • Proposal tools 


JOBPROGRESS’s pricing is fairly straightforward with a $50 per month, per user model. There is also a flat $500 setup fee to consider.




For more information on the features of the tool, check out their website here.



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Track Payments and Sales with Signpost 

Sales tracking is essential for any small business. It’s so essential that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other sales tracking software products available in the market. Keep in mind your business’s specific needs when choosing one to work with. 


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So, do you want to know if your sales strategies are working? Do you wish to uncover hidden insights into your business growth that you’ve known or leveraged before? 

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