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Synup vs Yext vs Signpost: Which Platform is Best for Small and Local Businesses?

synup vs yext vs signpost

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of the U.S. economy. In fact, they represent over 90% of the business population!


With the growth of competition both online and offline, small and local businesses today have to be ready to adapt to the growing trends in social media, reputation management, and more. This is where customer communication software and platforms come in. 


Leveraging such platforms can help your business drive success through real-time reporting and integrations.


Today, local businesses have to go beyond thinking of just their local listing and improving search rankings through local SEO optimization. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, or general contractor, you stand to gain more benefits by using a business platform.


There are some great ones you can choose from. At a glance, here are three you can get started with today: 


Synup vs Yext vs Signpost



Services and Solutions 


 Industries Served



$30/business location/month

Listing management, review monitoring, analytics and CRM

Various industries from SaaS to retail; including both large enterprises and SMBs



Various packages ranging from $4-$19/week for one location

AI search support and search optimization, CRM, listing management

Healthcare, Financial Services, D2C, Food & Hospitality, Retail, Consumer Goods and Public Sectors



Customized pricing depending on your business’s needs 

Online review generation, automated text and email marketing campaigns, CRM, integrated chat, invoicing and payments

Home service businesses, e.g. plumbers, HVAC contractors, general contractors, roofers, electricians and more


If you need review management software for your business without the headache, Signpost is a cost-effective solution. Start a demo today.


Synup vs Yext vs Signpost: Let’s Compare

To leverage any platform, it’s important to know the ins and outs of what it can offer the unique needs of your business. 


Have questions on Yext vs Synup vs Signpost? You don’t have to navigate through hundreds of user reviews to make your decision. 


Keep reading to find out how each platform compares: 

About the Company


Synup homepage.


Synup is an integrated solution for local reputation management and local search engine optimization, helping companies make the best of their business listings and online image.


It’s mainly aimed at marketing agencies, larger corporations, and some small and medium-sized businesses with a multi-location model. Synup also has a white label tool that allows businesses to resell the app if they wish. 



Yext homepage.


Yext is an AI-driven search-as-a-service platform that helps businesses deliver the best search and discovery experiences for customers, allowing them to generate more leads while uncovering critical insights through tools like Google Analytics. 


Due to its wide range of functionality, it’s used by enterprises across several industries including healthcare, retail and food, hospitality, and more. 



Signpost homepage.


Signpost is a 360-degree customer communication software specifically targeted toward home-service and local businesses. It’s an all-in-one solution that helps businesses drive more customer loyalty with the help of innovative and automated functions. 


We help SMBs take their customer acquisition to the next level by automating marketing functions, generating and maintaining online reviews, and so much more!

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Services and Solutions for Your Business

  • Presence: Synup helps represent businesses’ online listings across multiple platforms including Google My Business and Yelp.


  • Content: Synup aids businesses with their content strategy by making sure customers are well-informed and receive updates, information, and news at the right time. 

Synup content.


  • Reputation: This feature allows businesses to respond to customer feedback actively and build customer relationships.


  • Insights: Synup helps analyze customer behaviors and develop a more accurate customer persona.


  • Automations: Synup automates responses to reviews and publishes posts on social media accounts.


  • Pages: Businesses also use Synup to drive SEO strategy, increase conversions for landing pages, and build their online presence.


  • Campaigns: Through Synup’s Campaigns, businesses build customized marketing campaigns that are fine-tuned to goals, ranging from brand promotion to product launches.
  • Answers: Yext allows users to build a personalized search engine on business websites to help drive specific conversions.

Yext answers.


  • Listings: The platform allows businesses to manage listings on various social networks and media platforms.


  • Pages: Yext helps businesses build optimized landing pages for customer conversion.


  • Reviews: Yext aids its clients with review management and monitoring.


  • Knowledge Graph: Yext can help businesses build infographics and visual assets to drive leads.


  • Analytics: Businesses can gain performance insights and customer insights to drive their business strategy through Yext’s Analytics service.
  • Reviews: Through Signpost, businesses can manage and monitor online reviews more efficiently. Businesses can automate review requests and send them out to customers to leave reviews via email and SMS. It connects with industry CRMs to integrate review requests into broader customer communication strategies. 

Signpost reviews.


  • Chat: Convert browsers to buyers with Signpost’s chat feature. Signpost helps businesses automate customer communications through website-enabled chat. Answer FAQs, enable quick responses, and automate your bookings with our digital receptionist.
  • Mobile App: Signpost’s mobile app makes it easy for businesses to maximize their operations online reputation on the go. Businesses can connect with customers, respond to leads right away, and instantly request reviews all on one app (available for both Android and iPhone users). 
  • Marketing Automation: Businesses can create custom marketing campaigns to drive both customer retention and new customer conversion. This includes remarketing programs and content-based campaign strategies.


  • Payments: As a local business, it’s critical to get paid on time. Signpost offers a complete card payment solution. Track and collect payments with an integrated system that provides the full picture of a customer’s journey. 
  • Text: Signpost enables businesses to drive more conversations with customers through innovative SMS strategies. This helps deliver superior customer service through instant responses and also makes businesses more accessible!


  • Integrations: Businesses can integrate Signpost with other major business tools to make the best of their workflow. This makes the platform multi-functional and encourages a holistic approach to marketing operations.

Signpost integrations.




Synup Pricing


Synup users have reported that for SMBs with a single location model, the pricing package is $30/location/device. However, to get a more comprehensive quote, your business is required to get in touch with Synup’s sales team.


Synup pricing.


Yext Pricing

Yext pricing.


Yext has various packages depending on the size of your business. There are also individual packages for Enterprises and the solution(s) they opted for. 


Businesses opting for a single location have more straightforward pricing, with the option to pay extra for specific add-ons.


Yext pricing page.


Get more information about Yext’s packages here.


Signpost Pricing

Signpost offers purpose-built pricing that is customized for your business needs. 


Signpost pricing.


You can get started by booking a demo call with Signpost today.


Signpost is used by thousands of small service businesses to build a trusted reputation online with reviews. Let us show you how our review software works.


Synup vs Yext vs Signpost: The Final Takeaway

The platform you choose depends entirely on your unique business needs. 


What are your goals? What existing systems do you have in place that can be integrated easily into your next platform?


Assess where your business stands and any gaps in your strategies to make an informed decision. 


At Signpost, we have you covered—from review management to payments and integration.


To provide you more clarity on what Signpost has to offer, you can book a free consultation with us today! 

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