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+4 5-star reviews in the first 30 days

Successful Fitness & Instruction businesses* get four new 5-star reviews in their first 30 days, on average.

More Revenue

+4.8 offers claimed / month

Successful Fitness & Instruction businesses* increase repeat business with customers claiming 4.8 offers per month, on average.

(*) "Successful" denotes a business in the top performance quartile with at least 100 contacts in the Signpost platform.

Customer success story:

The customer relationship management automation lets me instantly know how people are engaging with my business and whether they are happy or not. I love how I am able to follow-up with all the people that call my gym too —the automation is awesome!

Juan Gonzalez, Owner

I Train With Juan, Tuckahoe NY

Signing on with Signpost’s Pro solution and opting for Signpost Payments, Juan got the results he wanted and more. His clients converted in response to a special seasonal offer and signed up for classes, leading to an $8K revenue boost.

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