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Results That Add to the Bottom Line

Signing on with Signpost’s Standard solution, Donny got the results he wanted within three months, getting 14 new positive reviews, improving his online ratings, and 3 claimed offers, adding to the DC Roofing & Exteriors’ bottom line.

Doing Business the Right Way

Donny H. founded DC Roofing & Exteriors in 2011on a mission to do business the right way with the right products. He started building a reputation as a re-roofer, replacing roofs in the wake of severe storm damage.

No Time to Ask for Reviews

By August 2018, DC Roofing & Exteriors had a healthy roster of satisfied customers and had won accolades for exceptional service ratings and reviews. But Donny was challenged to find the time to continue providing excellent service, square away his customers’ insurance claims from storm damage, and ask his satisfied customers for feedback and reviews.

“There are not enough hours of a day for us to interact with customers and get feedback and reviews. We've tried, but the way Signpost does it also helps get repeat customers. If you're not in front of your customers, you're out of sight, out of mind.”

Donny H., Owner

DC Roofing & Exteriors, Greenwood IN

Signpost Automation to the Rescue

When a Signpost representative reached out to consult with Donny on how to grow his business, he learned how Signpost’s smart CRM could deliver results for DC Roofing & Exteriors like better online reviews with automated customer messaging and winning new business with easy-to-use referral programs.

Donny H., Owner

DC Roofing & Exteriors, Greenwood IN

Results that Add to the Bottom Line:

“It's been a great experience working with Signpost! You guys help 24 hours a day and have already gotten me a good amount of reviews and return business by just chirping in our clients’ ears and keeping us on their minds!”

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