Customer Success

Winning New Reviews and Referrals

Using Signpost, Randy J. got the results he wanted, improving Resolution Gardens’ online ratings with over 100 new positive reviews and getting 11 referral offer claims.

Landscaping with a Focus on Food

Randy J. founded Resolution Gardens in 2008 to bring the values of collaboration and price integrity to helping his Austin, TX neighbors with their vegetable gardens.

Growing Business but No Time for Marketing

By 2016, Randy and Resolution Gardens had a growing team and a healthy list of customers. Like many landscaping business owners, Randy dedicated himself to providing the highest quality services, and he was hard-pressed to find the time to market his business effectively.

“Our team is comprised of three crews in the field and, until this year, that included me, the owner as well. The marketing admin functions of building, maintaining and communicating regularly to our customer base was time-consuming, tedious and oft-neglected. Signpost is the perfect solution to managing contacts and maintaining a baseline of regular customer outreach!”

Randy J., Owner

Resolution Gardens, Austin TX

Signpost Saves Time and Drives Results

After consulting with a Signpost representative, Randy saw how Signpost’s smart CRM could deliver results for Resolution Gardens like better online reviews with automated customer messaging and winning more business with referral offers.

Randy J., Owner

Resolution Gardens, Austin TX

Two Years of Getting Better Reviews:

“The two years that I've used Mia as my Marketing Coordinator has proven very helpful to drive 5-star reviews and help defuse negative feedback, as well. I'm freed up to focus on serving our clients while the Signpost algorithm announces special deals, and the link from my communications continues to build our customer database.”

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