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Positive Reviews Roll In

Opting for Signpost’s Standard solution, Surej got the results he wanted. In the first month after Surej signed on, Photography by Sunman got 11new positive reviews from the 1,600+ contacts that Mia, the smart assistant at the center of Signpost’s automation, added to the platform.

Providing World Class Photography Services

Surej K. founded his business, Photography by Sunman, in 2013 to bring a modern approach to photography and provide world class service to the people of South Florida.

Too Busy for Marketing

By 2018, Surej was enjoying success with his business, especially with wedding photography. Like many local business owners, he devoted most of his attention to improving his services and exceeding his customers expectations. He was challenged to find time for marketing and to secure positive reviews from happy customers.

“The general challenge is that since I'm a small business, I'm doing everything from invoicing, marketing, to going to shoots, to understanding the clients and delivering on their expectations. Marketing is one of the bigger challenges for me, and now Signpost is helping me to get reviews online.”

Surej K., Owner

Photography by Sunman, Jupiter FL

Hands-free Marketing is the Solution

After consulting with a Signpost representative, Surej saw how Signpost’s smart CRM could deliver results for Photography by Sunman. Signpost’s automation would get his business better online reviews and let him continue to take excellent photographs and delight his customers.

Surej K., Owner

Photography by Sunman, Jupiter FL

Positive Reviews Roll In:

“Overall, I think Signpost is excellent in grabbing reviews from existing customers. It's helped me get in the face of new customers and place higher on Google. The emails also help my customers see how well I am doing with my business, which in turn makes them want to continue to use my services and brings in more business for me!”

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