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Reviews Drive New Customers

Signing on with Signpost’s Pro solution, Erica Y. got the results she wanted for her Fully Promoted franchise. With Mia, the smart assistant at the center of Signpost’s automation, sending messages to engage her customers, she got over 50 new positive reviews, lifting her franchise’s average rating on Google from 3.0 to 4.6, and 66 offer claims.

Trading the Corporation for Their Own Franchise

Erica and her husband Jude purchased their Fully Promoted franchise in March 2017. They wanted to plant their roots in Tulsa and thought the business skills they’d developed in their corporate careers would serve them well.

Inheriting a Marketing Shortfall

By April 2018, Erica knew she needed to do more to address the marketing debt left by their franchise’s previous owners. “The former owners had done very little marketing and made no real efforts to encourage customers to provide online reviews, and of the handful of reviews that they had, a few of them were not so great,” Erica said.

Signpost Delivers Results

When a Signpost representative reached out to Erica to discuss her goals for her franchise, she grasped how Signpost’s smart CRM could get her the results she needed. She was attracted to Signpost’s Standard solution with its proven capacity to generate new reviews and its highly automated marketing features.

Erica Y., Owner

Fully Promoted, Tulsa OK

Reviews Drive New Customers:

“Approximately a year ago, we signed up with Signpost and we now have 50 Google reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, 11Facebook reviews all of which are 5 out 5, and several positive Yelp reviews. These reviews have driven customers to us. Just last week we had someone come to us and tell us that they came to us because we had the most reviews of any other embroiderer in town, the most current reviews and in their opinion the most authentic reviews. We attribute this success to Signpost and we have recommended Signpost several other franchisees as well as customers. It takes minimal effort on my part to have Signpost solicit the reviews, and when I'm busy running my business, it takes one thing off my plate.”

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