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+13 5-star ratings in the first 90 days

Successful Professional Services businesses* get 13 new 5-star reviews in their first 90 days, on average.

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+33 offers claimed in the first year

Successful Professional Services businesses*, on average, get 33 offer claims in their first year

(*) "Successful" criteria indicates a business in the top performance quartile with at least 100 contacts in the Signpost platform.

Customer success story:

Just last week we had someone come to us and tell us that they came to us because we had the most reviews of any other embroiderer in town, the most current reviews and in their opinion the most authentic reviews. We attribute this success to Signpost and we have recommended Signpost several other franchisees as well as customers.

Erica Y., Owner

Fully Promoted, Tulsa OK

Signing on with Signpost’s Standard solution, Erica Y. got the results she wanted, getting 54 new positive reviews, lifting her franchise’s average rating on Google from 3.0 to 4.6, and 66 offer claims.

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