What Recreation customers say about Signpost

Recreation customer testimonials:

Joel Davis

Durhamtown Off Road Resort, Union Point GA

Grew by 10% in the First Month

“Once we got started with Signpost I started to see a change in customer base. We saw a 10% increase within the first month and once July hit we had a total of 30% increase across the board!! We had to hire employees instead of cut back! Signpost not only created more business for us but also created more jobs for people in our community.”

Don M.

Boat charter service, San Diego CA

“Easy system to operate.”

Doug H.

Amusement center, Lake Barrington IL

“Love, love, love Mia and the technical, automated capabilities.”

Erinne S.

Art school, Charleston SC

“I will tell you that I appreciate how user-friendly your team members are to reach, return calls, emails, etc. VERY appreciated! ”

Gina M.

Amusement center, Las Vegas NV

“Signpost is user-friendly and uncomplicated.”

Mihir P.

Art school, Evansville IN

“Good product, great service. Excellent for remarketing and campaigns.”

Sofia Horvath

Havest Ridge Winery, Marydel DE

“With Signpost we have been able to connect more with our customers. Any tool that helps you communicate more effectively with your customers is a good thing.”

Chad P.

Amusement center, Lexington KY

“Best value for an email platform & review platform. Very affordable and effective.”

Isaac B.

Amusement center, Colorado Springs CO

“Amazing amounts of positive reviews posted in less than two weeks to Google. Simple, smart, and outstanding system.”

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