What Retail customers say about Signpost

Retail customer testimonials:

Ed Victori

Victori Framing, Edison NJ

Significant Driver of Rising Revenue

“We've tried a few different subscription based services to broaden our marketing, but no one executes it quite as organically as Signpost. Today it seems that most people choose businesses by the ratings and reviews, so to be able to centralize and manage how our clients publicly speak about our business is truly game-changing. We've had dozens of positive reviews come in over the past few months, and I know that's been a significant driver of our rising revenues. Keep it up, Signpost!”

Brian H.

Kids clothing store, Lexington KY

“I think this product is working great for us! Very satisfied in the growing of the text marketing campaign and feedback received.”

Mardee Malarkey

Lubliner Florist, Portland OR

Signpost is in My Corner

“Signpost has simplified my life! I used to fret about not staying in touch with my clients, but now Signpost is in my corner. I get to go back to doing what I'm amazing at, buying and selling fantastic fresh flowers, while Signpost takes care of what I'm not so amazing at.”

Kenny T.

Hardware store, West Hollywood CA

“Works for me.”

Ty S.

Iconic Vape and Wellness, Lakeland FL

Impressed with Signpost

“I have been very impressed with the incredible job Signpost has done, with helping us increase the number of online reviews across multiple websites. I am sure those reviews will assist in bringing us new clients and increase our sales revenue.”

Adam F.

Mobile phone repair service and store, Franklin VA

“You guys are the best!”

Bob N.

Toner cartridge supplier, Newark DE

“Easy to communicate with customers that we have emails for and keep us at top of mind when they need more product.”

Jerry P.

Music store and school, Canton OH

“Very robust system and easy to use.”

Kelly P.

Music store and school, Evansville IN

“Easy to use and already helping us build a better customer experience.”

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