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How to Convert Potential Customers into Paying Customers

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You’re a local business owner looking to grow your business.  You know there are thousands of potential customers online, but how do you reach them?  And better yet, how do you get them offline and through your front door?  Targeting the right people is only the first step; providing the right incentive to convert them into paying customers is the tricky part.


Lucky for you, the Signpost platform makes it easy to target potential customers and convert them into paying customers.  We do this is by creating a customized ad with a results-driven offer and getting it in front of your target market in your local area.  It’s like sending out coupons in the mail, with all the perks of online marketing – pinpoint targeting, robust tracking and of course, instant voucher sales.


So, once you’ve gotten your ad in front of your target market, how can you incentivize them to give your business a try?


  1. Think About the Future: When crafting your offer, it’s important to remember that it’s being used as a vehicle to drive new customers to your business. It’s a short-term investment for long-term growth. So, if you are only making a small profit or even just breaking even, remember that if you convert even a small percentage of your new business to return, the long-term growth will make it all worth it.

  1. Keep Up With The Competition: Before a customer walks through your door, they don’t know the difference between your business and your competitor’s down the block.  If you’re offering 50% off for new customers and your competitor is offering 60%, guess who’s got the new customer?  Signpost holds historical data for your business type and can help you craft a results-driven offer, optimized to convert new customers.

  1. Be Transparent: Always include full information in your ad, like class or treatment times and stay away from any hidden fees.  Providing a seamless customer experience will increase your chances of converting new customers into repeat business, which is what will fuel your growth in the long-term.  Hidden fees and misinformation will only alienate your customers, decreasing the likelihood they ever return.

  1. Be Flexible: Keep your offer open to as many people as possible within your target market. Too much fine print may deter voucher sales or cause a poor customer experience down the line, which can hurt your businesses long-term growth. Signpost knows which information is crucial to include in your ad as well as what will scare off potential customers, ensuring your ad is fully optimized for success.

While there is certainly no magic pill for growth, Signpost remains dedicated to keeping you and your business up-to-date with data-driven business practices for local business of all kinds. Tune in every week for more tips, tactics and real-life case studies to help your business perform in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  Find and keep new customers – only with Signpost.

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