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Our Customers

Over 20,000 local businesses have improved their customer communications, brand reputations, and marketing outreach using Signpost.
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#1 Service in Area

“Signpost has increased our online presence beyond our expectations! We now have multiple 5 star reviews on Google and show up #1 when you Google plumbing services in our area! We have been very happy thus far with the results we are getting!”

Brenna F.

AW Crooks Plumbing & Heating

“Text Club” Delivers Results

“My experience with Signpost has been excellent. The text feature is one of my best marketing tools. I have over 1,000 customers in the “text club” in just over 6 months.”

Kevin C.

Shine Auto Spa

Improved Reviews Leads to New Customers

“I think Signpost is in the top 3 of the best marketing decisions we have made. Our Google reviews have increased, which I believe increased our organic rank, and we've gotten a marked increase in new clients who cite the reviews as the motivating factor for their visit.”

Paris A.

Paris Alexander Day Spa

Returning Customers Drive Growth

“We are very excited about what Signpost is doing for our business! It has allowed us to stay in contact with our customers, and create return business in a way that we have never been able to do before. We are seeing return business from customers that we haven't serviced in 3 years!”

Pam D.

Speedy Electric & A/C

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Awesome Automation

“The customer relationship management automation lets me instantly know how people are engaging with my business and whether they are happy or not. I love how I am able to follow-up with all the people that call my gym too — the automation is awesome!”

Juan G.

I Train with Juan

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Positive Reviews & Customer Intelligence

“Signpost has really helped my company by (1) automating the patient feedback which has led to a drastic increase in patient responses, (2) providing insight into my company as to the strengths and weaknesses identified by our patients, and (3) providing an automated mechanism for our patients to post their positive reviews to sites that are important to consumers of healthcare services.”

Daniel B.

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging

Referrals Take Value Over the Top

“Getting going online took a little bit of time but once I was, I started getting all kinds of calls. Everything you do behind the scenes has been completely worth it. The referrals I have been getting have really helped to take me over the top.”

John K.

JK Radon

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Delighted by New 5-star Reviews

“It's pretty amazing when I'm in the field with my hands in the dirt, and an alert on my phone tells me that we just got another five star review on Yelp or Google or Facebook because Signpost contacted my last happy client while I'm working for my current one!!!”

Kevin M.

Friendly Tree Service

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Great Way to Follow-up with Customers

“Signpost has been a great way for me to start sharing feedback and testimonials. Being able to schedule email and SMS campaigns to let customers know of the frequent events that they host has been great! Signpost is a great way to capture contact information, and a great way to further follow up with customers to keep them coming back to us!”

Jane G.

Oley Valley Feed, Inc. Oley, PA

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

“We are always looking for a marketing edge and a way to stay ahead of the curve. With Signpost, we realized the value proposition right off the bat. The reviews and testimonials gathered within the first few weeks were more than we had hoped for.”

Allie B.

Fullerton Photographics

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Automation is Key to Getting New Reviews

“We've always asked our customers to leave us reviews, but we've always had trouble getting those folks to follow through. Signpost's automated emails have been the key to making that happen–now we have more than 25.”

Gloria J.

MinuteMan Press

Grew by 10% in the First Month

“Once we got started with Signpost I started to see a change in customer base. We saw a 10% increase within the first month and once July hit we had a total of 30% increase across the board!! We had to hire employees instead of cut back! Signpost not only created more business for us but also created more jobs for people in our community.”

Joel D.

Durhamtown Off Road Resort

How It Works

Signpost is powered by Mia, our smart assistant, who facilitates communications at the most important touchpoints in your customer lifecycle – from inquiry to review to repeat business.

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