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A webcast series designed to help you become a better business operator.

The lowdown about why your prospects may not be choosing you. Why is branding important for contractors? How does poor branding drag you down and turn away potential customers? Do you really know how your customers perceive your business?
What are the key things you need to change in your marketing mix to scale your business to $5 million a year? What are the pros doing that you need to include? Learn the basic marketing strategy to get to the $5M mark.
Does your sales team resort to gimmicks to get new customers? Or do your customers often seem surprised or frustrated during the project? Learn how you can help your sales team gain customer trust and become heroes from start to finish. 
Why are customer reviews important for your business? And what are the best ways to get reviews? We chatted with Gregg Towsley of Grow Plumbing who shared some of his secrets to getting customer reviews.
Is your business cashflow healthy? How do you measure it? If you are sitting on a large chunk of change in your bank account, is this an indicator of your business’ financial health? Watch now to get the skinny about managing cashflow.
With a growing contracting business, how do you make sure you are hiring the right people who have the right skills as your business expands? Check out this episode for the key elements for hiring at each stage of business growth.
What does it take to wow your customers with a sales proposal? Should you focus on cost and materials or something different to push the buying decision over the edge?
How can you create business relationships that pay dividends? The new video series features CompanyCam and helps contractors grow their business.

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