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Contractor’s Corner Ep. 13: Time Saving Hacks for Your Business

Time-saving hacks to get your life back...

As a home service provider, you may find yourself spending far too much time doing repetitive tasks that don’t really add much value to your business but they must be done for each job. And you may find yourself trying to defend your evenings and weekends from drowning in administrative paperwork. Hear from Adi Azaria, founder and CEO of Workiz share how he learned the hard way as the owner of a local service how to beat back the creep and keep a work-life balance.

Watch as Adi gives tips from his experience:

  • “Worst locksmith ever” 1:32 
  • Common challenges 3:55
  • 90% Execution 5:20
  • Measuring lead gen effectiveness  5:52
  • Weekend time wasters to cut out 7:20
  • Shortcuts with Zapier 10:20
  • Automated Inventory Management Strategy 13:16
  • Creating a higher touch, more personalized customer touch point 15:28
  • Starting out with basic automation 19:27
  • Making a better impression on your customers 20:11

Learn more about how Workiz helps automate tasks within your jobs, from start to finish.

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