Over 7,500 local businesses, large and small, depend on Signpost to intelligently connect with modern customers.

Signpost is used by:

  • ChemDry
  • Powerhouse Gym
  • The Red Door Salon and Spa
  • TCBY

The Red Door

Signpost drives an 18% lift in The Red Door’s online review ratings.

The Red Door -
"Signpost’s AI has delivered above and beyond our expectations for managing our online reputation."
Elizabeth R. Whitman, CMO
The Red Door By Elizabeth Arden

Signpost uses best in class CRM technology to automatically collect phone and email data, drive net promoter feedback and five-star reviews for The Red Door across locations - no active management required.

Signpost automatically collects The Red Door’s customer contacts and prompts them for feedback. This not only drives reviews and revenue that reflect The Red Door’s high caliber of service online, but gives The Red Door critical insights into customer behavior and sentiment across locations.

positive reviews
average nps score
email subscribers
average google rating lift (3.5 to 4.29 stars)
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Budget Blinds

Mia turns prospects into promoters for over 100 Budget Blinds locations.

Budget Blinds -
"Of all the digital marketing companies I've worked with to help promote my business, I've been most impressed with Signpost."
Mike Hewitt, owner
Budget Blinds Atlanta

Budget Blinds uses Mia to generate reviews and revenue to boost growth.

Mia knows who Budget Blinds customers are and communicates with them in real-time via personalized email and SMS. She's driven nearly 300 pieces of feedback, 30 5-star reviews and 50 repeat customers and counting.

customer records created
feedback responses
positive reviews
repeat customers
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Minuteman Press

Over 25 Minuteman Press locations rely on Mia's regular, and personalized customer communications to drive reviews and revenue.

Minuteman Press -
"There's no way I could have done this as effectively, manually."
Kurt Schmidt, owner
Minuteman Press Midtown Sacramento

Minuteman Press used Mia's 1:1 customer communication via email to promote their reputation and generate repeat business.

Through Signpost's AI-driven marketing technology, Mia automatically sends "emails that are non-intrusive" to Minuteman's customer base, generating hundreds of feedback responses, dozens of reviews and loyalty for their locations.

positive reviews
feedback responses
repeat customers
subscribed to email
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