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Contractor’s Corner Ep 14: Secrets to Gold Mining Your Leads

How much $$ are you missing from dropped leads?

Are you currently getting back to all your leads? And prioritizing the ones that have the most potential value? Many local business owners have a great lead pipeline but are losing revenue due to bungled management. Hear from Matt Morrison of AccuLynx share how you can boost your revenue stream just by prioritizing the leads you already have.

A few highlights from the discussion:

  • Taking a triage approach to leads 4:52 
  • Why capacity and speed make a difference 6:45 
  • Using automation to compete with bigger companies 7:50 
  • How to give the appearance of being a much more sophisticated company 9:56 
  • Creating a more cultivated customer experience at any size 11:28 
  • Developing a lead strategy instead of just going to the next lead 13:40 
  • Avoiding unnecessary costs by defining roles and process 14:40 
  • How many touchpoints do you need for each lead? 17:07 
  • Key info for qualifying leads 18:04 
  • The Curse of Knowledge 21:28 
  • How a back-office system makes a difference for customers 23:04 
  • When to ask for reviews and referrals 26:09
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