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Contractor’s Corner – Ep 17: Good, Better, and Best – Giving your Customers Choices

How do you give your customers choices AND improve your bottom line?

Learn how you can educate your customers AND give them the tools to afford options they didn’t know they have.

We heard from Josh Brill of Wisetack who talked about ways that you can give your customers a much wider range of options and may increase the job size.

Replacement or Repair? 3:55

Consultative approach 4:51

Earning trust from your customers 6:23
Opening possibilities for homeowners 9:35

How to give a “20% discount” without reducing your price 11:22
Getting a competitive advantage by being part of the 10% of contractors 14:45

Talking about financing at the beginning 16:01
In-person discussions 16:26


Learn how Wisetack can help you give your customers more choices and help you get bigger jobs.


See how Signpost can help you capture those 5-star reviews 


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