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Contractor’s Corner – Ep 16: Striving for a 5-Star Customer Experience

What makes a 5-Star review?

Do you think like a homeowner and care about the things that matter most to THEM?


Hear from Heath Hicks- owner of AVCO Roofing and creator of The Catch-All how he has revolutionized roofing and takes customer service up to the next level.


Learn how putting a system into place can help ensure happy customers each time.


A few highlights from the conversation: 

Why homeowners don’t like roofers 3:06

Why you can’t wait to fix things as your company grows 3:34

The biggest selling problem for roofers is not the competition… 4:40

What makes a 5-star review? 6:10

Imagining the ultimate experience: the 7-star review 7:20

The Best Customer Experience Possible 8:05

How your employees fit in- creating an internal customer culture 11:45

How the Catch-All solves problems for contractors 23:08

Demonstrating professionalism to your customers with purposeful tools 28:02


Learn more about how the Catch-All can elevate your customer’s experience


See how Signpost can help you capture those 5-star reviews 


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