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Signpost is a smart CRM that helps businesses to know, grow, and strengthen their local customer base. Mia automatically collects and analyzes consumer data from every touchpoint, including email, calls and transactions. Armed with this data on new and existing customers, she intelligently manages customer relationships.

Signpost's AI

capture engage cycle
capture engage cycle


Mia creates perfect customer records by unifying existing systems with the data she collects across every customer interaction. This provides a centralized, single customer view.


Mia enables brands to execute a comprehensive, customer-centric approach by sending personalized communications and promotions, tailored to your business goals.

phone capture


phone capture

Mia uses proprietary technology to collect data on new prospects and customers. She utilizes this information to create perfect customer records that are always up to date and incorporate existing customer sources. Mia then tracks every interaction they have with the brand to provide customer insights and behavioral data.

Mia grows your contact list by an average of 5x


Mia connects to every inbox your company uses to automatically create profiles for your customers and your prospects. She continuously monitors your email, and includes website form fills, to keep your contact list up to date.


Mia automatically collects customer information from all incoming phone calls, including the ones you miss. She then stores the number in Signpost's powerful CRM for easy follow up.


Mia accesses contacts from existing scheduling management software to track customers' booking preferences for enhanced targeting and customization.


Purchase Tracking captures customer transaction information for real-time insights into your most valuable customers, hottest sales days and more.


Mia draws on data from over 45 million consumers and 400 million data points to intelligently manage customer relationships. Each brand benefits from Mia's first-party data set which enables her to send personalized communications throughout the customer lifecycle. Through Signpost's Smart Campaigns and Reputation Management, Mia automatically drives revenue and reviews for top brands.

The Customer Lifecycle

customer lifecycle customer lifecycle
  • A prospect finds the Red Door Salon and Spa
  • He calls or emails to ask for store hours
  • Mia recognizes Drew, sends an SMS with new customer offer
  • Drew gets a massage
  • Mia registers the purchase, sends a feedback request
  • Drew shares positive feedback
  • Mia predicts the action Drew is likely to take and nudged him to complete it: review, referral or loyalty
  • With Drew's 5-star review, The Red Door ranks higher in searches

The lifecycle continues with remarketing engineered to drive more value from existing customers, and restarts for new prospects discovering the business for the first time.

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reputation management

Reputation Management

reputation management

Mia ensures your online reputation is a reflection of the service your business provides. Mia identifies customer sentiment and activates brand advocates to drive more five-star reviews on the sites where prospects start their search. She'll also get in front of detractors so you can find a resolution that will circumvent damaging reviews.

Mia identifies and leverages your advocates, improving your online reputation by an average of 1.8 stars

Smart Campaigns

smart campaigns

Mia knows what messages will motivate a prospect to take a desired action, such as scheduling an appointment or visiting your business. and she keeps repeat customers loyal and loving your brand. Mia even engages customers to participate in referral programs to help you continually build the powerful word-of-mouth that fuels new business. She'll reach out to customers by their preferred method with powerful email and SMS blasts, optimized to be read instantly and drive conversions.

smart campaigns

Mia intelligently converts customers at a higher rate boosting revenue by an average of 12%

Capture + Engage = More Revenue

data insight action

Effective marketing begins with clean data. Capture ensures that you're armed with data that's always up to date and ready to action. Engage utililzes these proprietary insights to coordinate custom smart campaigns engineered for high conversions. This best-in-class full cycle solution turns these efforts into guaranteed revenue lift.

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