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Three Steps to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Business

Three Steps to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Business


We believe that your happy clients are the best marketers for your business. After all, a great referral is much more effective than an advertisement to build trust among prospective clients and close more deals. Referrals have now moved online in the form of reviews, and it’s critical to focus your marketing efforts on generating more positive online reviews to attract more clients.


If you agree that online reviews the best way to grow word-of-mouth and leads for your business, you’re probably looking for ways to get your processes and team systematized.


Here are three key steps to generate more positive online reviews:




1. Set the expectation ahead of time. When a homeowner gets in touch regarding a repair or install, ask how she learned about your business and what inspired her to learn more. Oftentimes, prospective clients will answer with “Google” or “I was referred by a friend”. Don’t leave the conversation there. Ask a follow-up question to glean a couple more details, such as ”What did you see on Google?” or “What did you learn after your friend referred you?” The answer you get from the follow-up will not only provide insight on the homeowner’s process and what works for your business, but may also lead her to mention your online reviews. 


If your reviews are mentioned by prospective clients, plant the seed. Take this cue to emphasize that your team values homeowner feedback, and that you’d love the opportunity to earn her business and another five-star review after a job well done. This is a great way to move past the consideration stage and get the homeowner thinking about how happy she will be once the job is complete.



2. Ask for a review in person when the job is done. The surefire way to get more positive reviews is by simply ASKING for them. This seems obvious and easy enough, but it is where many businesses fail to execute. We recommend incorporating the ask into your process – after the final inspection, for example, when the homeowner is at her happiest.


Make sure that asking for a review is part of your checklist when wrapping up a job, and assign a point person responsible for doing so. We recommend making the ask verbally. By making eye contact, it’s more personal, and you are more likely to get a “yes”.



3. Follow up on your ask with technology, making it easy for homeowners to follow through. This step goes hand-in-hand with the verbal ask, and is just as important to ensure that the homeowner writes a great review. Your client often has the best intentions, but if you don’t make it easy for her, she’s less likely to complete the task. By asking in person, your happy client knows that you value her feedback and would benefit from a review. Don’t leave the rest to chance. 


By following up with a technology solution like Signpost, your client receives a timely email or text message directing her to the right business listings. She can then leave your business a great rating and review with ease. It’s that simple.


The Signpost platform ensures that you can seamlessly ask your clients for a great online review once a job is complete. Our platform integrates with industry-specific CRMs and accounting software, like QuickBooks.


To learn more about our solution, get in touch with our team.

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