Handy at every step of the process

Handy at every step of the process

About CompanyCam

Founded in 2015, CompanyCam has changed how contractors work. Through its visual-first communication and accountability tools, contractors can stay up to date on every job site, project, and crew from anywhere. With over 10M projects and 240M photos, contractors everywhere are simplifying their documentation and communication processes with CompanyCam.

How CompanyCam can help you


For Contractors, By Contractors

As a photo-based solution, it’s built to support each member of the team, at each stage of the project, and for multiple projects.


Real-Time Project Management

In realtime, see what, where, and when projects are going on, like an organized news feed for your business and only your business.


Streamlined Process

Take unlimited photos which are location and time-stamped, sent to the cloud, and stored securely. It’s easy to share with customers and insurance adjusters and keep the process organized.

How CompanyCam works with Signpost

CompanyCam shares the joint vision with Signpost of providing an elevated customer experience in the home services industry. As a leader in photo documentation, CompanyCam strives to provide truth and transparency to the customer and business alike through its app. Together, we help streamline how you do business – day in and day out.

What CompanyCam clients say

"We’ve saved over $100,000."
Kevin Nolan
Nolan Painting
"I’m probably saving at least 15, if not 20, hours a week."
Bob Smith
"Company Cam is essential. We're a very visual industry and we have to have it."
Brian Gray
Grounds Guys

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