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Be more efficient, profitable, and successful

Be more efficient, profitable, and successful

About JobNimbus

JobNimbus helps contractors track leads, jobs, and tasks from one easy to use software. Access your information wherever you are, get everyone on the same page, and grow your business.

How JobNimbus can help you

Track & manage jobs

Manage roofing jobs with interactive, drag-and-drop boards.

Maintain team schedules

See open tasks across your entire organization and plan accordingly. Features two-way sync with Google Calendar.

Manage your contacts

See your contacts in one simple-to-use and easy-to-search place throughout your sales process. 

How JobNimbus works with Signpost

Signpost + JobNimbus

Signpost and JobNimbus integrate to automate communications once a job is paid and complete – from feedback requests, online reviews on Google, Facebook, and more, to ongoing loyalty campaigns.

What JobNimbus clients say

“JobNimbus keeps me on track so I can plan accordingly AND grow my business. I can customize it to help me run my business my way…It made me feel like I was back in the driver’s seat.”
Sean C.
“Overall I love the product, and I am glad it is linked with other products to make running a business so seamless.”
David C
“Excellent CRM Company and More! Jobnimbus has saved me a lot of time with homeowners when I am needing to sign a homeowner up.”
John D.

Interested in learning more?

Check out JobNimbus’ website to learn more about their service.