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How Do I Change the Name of my Business Page on Facebook

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A Facebook Business Page is an excellent way for your customers to connect with you and find essential information about your business. Over time, you may want to change the name of a Facebook Business page to reflect changing business needs.

Did you know that Facebook hosts over 80 million small businesses globally that have their own Business Page? They’re right to do it! Bridging the gap between a small business and its online audience, Business Pages bring many benefits to owners and managers that leverage it as part of their digital marketing toolkit.

change the name of a facebook business page



However, as a local business grows and evolves, it may face the need for a name change due to rebranding or a myriad of other reasons. To reflect this development, small businesses need to update their Facebook Business Page name and provide customers with the latest relevant information. Keep reading to understand the scenarios where this may become possible, and learn how to change your Page’s name.

Reasons You Might Need to Change Business Page Name

A name defines the brand. It’s the first thing that your customers hear of your business, and it’s the tag that will forever be attached to your online and real-world identity. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that you’ve chosen the right one and reflect this accurately on your Page. However, there are specific scenarios when a name change may be in order. Here’s a few reasons why you might need to change your Business Page name.

Brand Consistency

Perhaps you updated your company website and changed the name on there. It would be a big mistake to let this update slip on your social media accounts. Ensure the brand name remains consistent throughout all your platforms and update it on your Business Page, too. 

Eliminate Confusion Among Customers


You risk losing customers who can’t find you on the Internet because of a mismatch in your business name. For example, maybe your Instagram account is more popular, and on there, your business goes by a different name. This could differ from your business name and the one displayed on your Page. 

eliminate confusion



Suppose you’re looking to cross-promote your brand on multiple channels, or even attract your Instagram following to your Facebook Business Page. This could confuse your customers, who may misunderstand it as a different business entirely.

Typos and Errors

Perhaps you created the Page, but accidentally made a typo or spelling mistake so now it’s time to remedy that. That’s right; sometimes, it can be that simple a reason. 

A Significant Rebrand 

Is your business taking on a whole new look and heading in a totally different direction? Maybe your business is aiming to target a new customer market and wish to rebrand entirely to reflect this strategy. 



In cases such as these, a business would have to revamp its social media presence, update logos, and sometimes adopt a new company name. 

How to Change Your Facebook Business Page Name

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why you might be looking to change your Business Page name, let’s take a look at the six simple steps to actually do so. 


  • Step 1: Log in to Facebook

  • Step 2: Make Sure You’re an Admin

  • Step 3: Find Your Business Page

  • Step 4: Edit Page Info/Edit Name

  • Step 5: Review Changes/New Name

  • Step 6: Submit Request and Wait for Approval

Step 1: Log in to Facebook


The first thing you have to do is log in to the personal profile associated with your Facebook Business Page account, that is, your personal Facebook account. To do this, head over to and simply log in!


Step 2: Make Sure You’re an Admin

To edit the information related to the Business Page, you must have the right Page role as an admin. In case you have not logged in with the personal profile associated to the business profile or been added as an admin before, you will face a block. 


To make sure you’re an admin, ask an existing Page admin to change permissions so you can continue. This may be the marketing manager in your small business or the social media strategist. Once they’ve added you as an admin, you can proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Find Your Business Page

Once you log in, check the right-hand side of your screen, and you’ll see a section called “Your Pages.” Find the name of your Page and click it. This will redirect you to your Page URL.

Step 4: Edit Page Info/New Name


It’s now time to assign that new Page name! Once you’re on the Page, click the “About” tab. This is usually the second tab, right after the “Home” tab. Then, click “Edit Page Info”. 


A pop-up box will appear, providing you the option to update your new Facebook Page name. Erase the current name and update it with the new name as desired.

Step 5: Review Changes/New Name

Double-check that you’ve entered the right name of your business and did not make any typos or errors. You want to take your time with this step, as it’s unwise to constantly update your Facebook Business Page name more than necessary. Make sure there are no typos or unnecessary spaces. Cross-reference it to the name that appears on all your other platforms and websites. 

Step 6: Submit Request and Wait for Approval


Review your request carefully and then submit it. According to Facebook’s guidelines, you must wait for the approval to come through from the Facebook team, so the name change will be not immediate. Some users might think the name change didn’t work, but really, it’s just waiting to be approved.

Reasons Your Name Change Didn’t Work

Although rare, there are some cases in which Facebook may not approve a name change. This can happen for several reasons. 


  • If the Page violates Facebook’s terms and conditions: You want to make sure the name change is in line with Facebook’s terms of service and doesn’t violate any policy. Keep the name clean and professional. 

  • If the name was recently changed: Name change requests that are too close together can be denied. 

  • If you have limits on your Page: Depending on your Page’s size, there may be higher approval required from the Facebook team. For example, a change in the name for a Page with a million likes will face more scrutiny than one with a hundred.

Things to Keep in Mind When Changing Your Business Page Name

Changes to your Facebook Page name should be strategic. You should exercise the same caution you do when creating a new Page with any significant changes you make to it later, and approach this with the best practices.


Keep the following tips in mind when you update the name: 


  • Make sure not to include “Facebook” or any variations of it in the name.

  • Do not use any offensive, violating, or discriminatory words in the new name.

  • Do not use character symbols or strange capitalization.

  • Make sure the name fits the brand identity and is consistent throughout all platforms.


Your Facebook Business Page reflects your brand to your customers. If you haven’t got the perfect name to reflect your business’s most authentic presence on the platform, it’s time to update it. But it’s important to keep in mind that an attractive name can only get you so far. Managing your Page effectively goes above and beyond just the pretty layout, consistent posts, and graphics. 


Signpost can help you bring out the best version of your business on Facebook through our review management service

Get started on building your business’s Facebook success, with the right name and in the right way.

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