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Signpost and CompanyCam Announce Partnership

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Signpost is proud to announce our partnership with CompanyCam! We’re excited to join forces with another industry-leading app to equip contractors with best-in-class tools and provide homeowners with an exceptional experience.


Why CompanyCam?

CompanyCam was founded in 2014 by contractors and for contractors to ensure that crews could document their jobs, communicate with one another, and save their companies an hour a day – every day. The app was designed to document projects at every stage – from initial documentation, asset storage, and eventual photo sharing with insurance companies, adjusters, and homeowners. The app is incredibly easy to use and affordable. 


We’d be totally remiss not to mention that CompanyCam has a fantastic team as well! They’re a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to helping contractors. They’re also fellow members of The Catalyst Group, a vetted group of industry vendors committed to ‘do it right’. 


What’s on Tap for 2021?

We’re excited to partner with CompanyCam to sponsor Highway to Hail 2021! This annual roadshow helps contractors start the year off right, with the latest tips, tools, and technology. The event also features the annual forecast, presented by Hail Trace. We’ll be presenting alongside Atlas Roofing to discuss all things marketing. Specifically, we’ll detail how contractors can attract, convert, and drive more loyalty among homeowners throughout the lifetime of your relationships. We’re excited to share proven tips to generate more sales, and we can’t think of better partners to help kickstart your year! Click here to learn more about the roadshow and sign up for important event updates. 


How Can I Learn more?

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