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Signpost Announces JobNimbus Integration


We’re pleased to announce our new integration with JobNimbus! JobNimbus, a popular CRM for roofing, construction, and solar contractors, helps teams track jobs, oversee production, sync schedules, and manage contacts – all from a single platform. 

By connecting your Signpost and JobNimbus accounts, you’ll maximize the benefits of both platforms, specifically to:

  • Sync contacts: Signpost’s integration with JobNimbus enables contractors to sync and organize contacts and messages based on important lifecycle stages. For example, contacts that are classified as leads and estimates in JobNimbus will receive messages that were designed in Signpost for prospective customers, such as new homeowner offers. Contacts in JobNimbus that have been sold or have completed jobs will receive messages that are more relevant to active customers, such as review requests.
  • Automate your messaging: By connecting Signpost with JobNimbus, review requests are automatically sent following the completion of each and every job. Additionally, our powerful marketing automation engine will automatically reach and engage prospects with offers, newsletters, and other messaging. In any scenario, the integration eliminates the manual effort related to sorting through and uploading contact lists, freeing up time for higher value tasks. 
  • Maximize the value of every contact and job: Automation ensures that the right messages are sent to the right people at the right time. With the Signpost-JobNimbus integration, contractors can consistently nurture contacts within their database, driving more value over time and keeping your business top-of-mind before a job is started and long after a job is complete. 

We’re excited to offer our customers this easy and effective way to get more value out of both Signpost and JobNimbus!


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