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The Essential Business Associations for Small Business Owners to Know

A business association group in a meeting.

If you’re a home service business owner and thinking about growing your venture, you need to ensure that you’re a part of essential associations. What are business associations, and why should you be a part of one? 


A business association is a membership-based business organization that supports the commercial activities of its members. 


There are many business associations out there, but finding trade associations relevant to the nature of your home service business can greatly benefit your networking and growth


Other reasons you should consider joining a business association as a local business include:


  • Knowledge: You can gain more information about your industry, competition, and even potential partners by taking advantage of the business connections that come your way through the association.
  • Referrals: Business associations may receive queries directly from customers who are looking for a business just like yours. Joining an association is a sure-fire way to grow your business’s referrals!
  • Networking: Associations offer opportunities to network and cultivate valuable business relationships with potential partners who can help your business grow. These connections can come in handy anytime.
  • Credibility: Being an active part of a business association brings more credibility to your business name. This can boost your reputation among customers and other businesses in the network. 
  • Community: Joining an association fosters a sense of community. This can provide your business support not just in terms of the resources gained, but a sense of synergy and trust through the relationships you build. 

Ready to get started with a business association? Here’s a list to start exploring your options!

  1. Local, regional, and national trade associations for home service businesses
  2. Chambers of Commerce
  3. Business Network International (BNI) 
  4. National Federation of Independent Business
  5. SCORE
  6. Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  7. US Small Business Administration

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1. Local, regional, and national trade associations for home service businesses


Depending on the nature of your business, you can opt to join a business association that falls under that scope of your specific trade or service. 


If your business is related to plumbing services, consider joining the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), a national federation exclusive to helping plumbers find relevant resources and networks within their circles. If interested, join here!


Likewise, there are associations for roofing contractors, HVAC contractors, and general contractors, too! 


To get more information about each of these trade associations, the benefits of a membership, and how you can get started, click on the links below: 



2. Chambers of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce.

A chamber of commerce is a network of businesses that belong to a particular market or industry. 


There are many benefits to joining your local chamber of commerce. It’s an excellent way for small businesses in the community to network together and provide opportunities to partner with other business owners. 


Belonging to a chamber of commerce is more than just an investment in your own business; it’s also the best way for you and other home service companies from your area to network and grow together. You can also find potential customers at a chamber of commerce, transforming it into a marketing opportunity, too. 


Find your local chamber of commerce here.


3. Business Network International (BNI)

Business Networking International

If you’re looking to grow your referrals, Business Network International (BNI) is the association to be in. With over 7,500 chapters worldwide spanning 50 different industries, BNI is one of the most extensive associations in the world.  


This international network has grown exponentially since its founding back in 1985 and can bring you referrals through its renowned referral system. BNI is a great option for all business sizes, even your startups!


Find your local chapter here


4. National Federation of Independent Business

National Federation of Independent Business

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is arguably one of the most influential small business advocacy organizations in North America. It consists of around a quarter of a million small business owners and publishes monthly reports on economic conditions for a variety of industries. NFIB is primarily known for its lobbying efforts on behalf of small business owners. 


The NFIB does not only advocate for smaller companies but also publishes monthly statistics that have been widely recognized by major institutions such as The Federal Reserve Bank System.


You can even look into the issues in your state that could potentially impact your small business without you even being aware.


The NFIB also offers you access to their special events (such as networking events), and in-person and online classes. 


To learn more about the membership benefits you can avail, click here!




A nationwide network with over 11,000 mentors who want to see you succeed, SCORE (short for the “Service Corps of Retired Executives”) is a non-profit that provides free, in-person or online business mentoring for entrepreneurs. They also offer a variety of other services and events that are either free or cost a small fee to help you grow your small business. 


SCORE also partners with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide affordable and accessible mentoring and professional development services to grow the skillsets of local business owners.



6. Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, or EO for short, is a global network exclusively made up of entrepreneurs. 

Founded in 1987 and with over 198 chapters worldwide, EO is one of the oldest small business associations around and has been supporting entrepreneurial success since its inception. 


Entrepreneurs of all levels can find a valuable mentor, partner, or even just an industry expert to help them grow their business. The EO has over 14,000 members who volunteer to provide mentorship services to owners that are either starting or deep into their business venture.


Entrepreneurship is not easy and can require guidance from experts, which EO offers through the association’s membership.


If this is something your business is interested in, you can check out the chapter locations and apply for membership today!


7. US Small Business Administration 

US Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration offers low-cost business loans for owners, but they also go a step beyond and offer classes and networking opportunities. You can take a course on management or financing to help you grow your own business, while making connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the area.


You can find a wealth of information through the SBA about small business management, events, and learning centers to help make your business stronger. Check out the SBA’s locator page for listings on community groups nearby that can help grow your business! 


The website also has an extensive directory listing of regional and district offices, business development centers dedicated for business disaster relief, and more!


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Strengthen Your Local Home Service Business with Signpost

The world of business associations can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many types, and they all serve different purposes for businesses in various industries. 


For home service companies like plumbers or electricians, there are several excellent options that provide the networking opportunities you need. If you want to start building relationships with other service providers across multiple disciplines, join one today! 


And if not? 


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