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Why You Should Let Artificial Intelligence Creep Into Your Business

Signpost is a service that lets brick-and-mortar store owners publish incentives and promotions on its website. Last summer, the New York City-based company’s founder and CEO, Stuart Wall, created a new app: the A.I.-centric Mia. Through its natural language generation capability, Mia crafts messages and sends them to prospects at opportune times. It tracks and analyzes a store’s

Signpost’s Mia AI Bot Changes the Local Business CRM Paradigm

As technologists and fans of technology we tend to view artificial intelligence as some future destroyer of tech jobs and perhaps the world. We read way too much science fiction. We tend to forget the practical applications of A.I., as Signpost’s Mia bot exemplifies. The bot is aimed at local businesses, in a marketing capacity rather than

6 Roles Where Chatbots Are So Useful Right Now

Bots may lack the initiative that true, fully realized AI promises, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful to us right now. Day-to-day bots are taking over simpler functions and receiving plenty of press for it. Travel bots are cropping up on many of the major travel booking sites. News and shopping bots are available now from a wide

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Bang that Gong: inside the sales traditions of 5 NYC Tech Companies

Sales teams are a bit like a tribe. Sure, they all compete against one another, but they have their own unique traditions that bind them together into a team working towards a common goal — making money. We did a little sales team-anthropology, and investigated some of the traditions that New York’s sales teams have


Signpost Launches First AI-Powered CRM for B2C Businesses

Signpost doesn’t believe there’s anyone else doing what it’s now doing: artificial intelligence-powered, automated CRM. It’s targeted both toward SMBs and larger enterprises. Last week it launched “MIA,” the virtual assistant personification of its new system..


Automated CRM Signpost ups its game with built-in AI agent

Step by step, rules-based marketing platforms are adding predictive technology and other intelligence on their way to becoming largely self-managing systems. This week, Google Ventures-backed and New York City-based Signpost announced its contribution to that march toward cognitive marketing. Its automated CRM is adding an artificial intelligence agent, dubbed Mia.


Top Marketing Automation That Makes You Look More Genuine

Marketing officers at businesses in many different industries are beginning to embrace automation. A total of 14 percent of all marketing teams plan to implement marketing automation this year, and 63 percent of all current users plan to increase what they spend on their marketing automation.


Crain’s Names 2015 Best Places to Work

With an ever-growing number of firms taking decisive steps to create a workplace where employees are collegial, inspired by their work, empowered to take the initiative and get credit where credit is due, these 100 companies have earned a coveted spot on Crain’s 2015 list of Best Places to Work in New York City.