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Signpost Adds Payment Integration as Small Business CRM Market Grows

Small business have started to spend more on search and social advertising in recent years, but the bulk of their spending goes to websites, email and other services meant to manage their existing customer base. As these channels expand, the market for software aimed at automating the retention marketing and front-office activities for small businesses has exploded.

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Software for Small Businesses Can Help Them Grow, and Be Profitable for You Too

Small businesses power the U.S. economy. They employ the majority of the nation’s workforce and contribute more than half of the private non-farming GDP. Despite the fact that consumers prefer small businesses over larger ones, eight in 10 small businesses expect flat or negative growth in 2014. Small business failures now outpace the number of

Signpost Helps Smaller Businesses Get More out of Online Marketing

Signpost closed $10 million in funding to help small businesses automate marketing like the big boys.Small and medium businesses don’t have the huge marketing budgets of large corporations. Signpost says it software can close that gap by taking care of all their marketing needs for just $150 a month.

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Too Many Marketing Options, Too Little Time: What’s an SMB to Do?

Today’s small business owners are faced with a seemingly endless parade of online marketing vendors, many of which are indistinguishable at first glance. Each one promises new customers and online exposure at a lower price than the next. But at the end of the day, many of these options are nothing more than lip service,