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Guide to Online Review Sites

guide to online review sites - featured

Online Review Sites for Your Business

Every business comes to know the importance of an online review. 


Whether you’re a small business in your city or even a large corporation, online reviews can impact customers’ perceptions, sales, and your business’s brand image in the long run.


Customers want assurance before spending their money on a product or service, so much so that 93% of customers say their decision to purchase is impacted by reviews.


That means businesses are responsible for covering their bases, establishing their online presence, and growing positive online reviews. Businesses want to magnify their positive testimonials, address the criticism, and boost customer confidence in their brand through social media.


Several online review sites have been formed in today’s digitally-driven era to help modern consumers with their choices. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on positive customer feedback and strengthen your marketing strategy.


Here’s a complete list of top review sites business owners can leverage to manage their online reputations:



Want to know which online review site will work best for your business? Keep reading to find out their key highlights and how your business can get started.




Google My Business


This list would not be complete without one of the world’s most powerful search engines on it: Google. Think of Google as the digital yellow pages for businesses.

Google’s powerful algorithm allows businesses to combine the functionality of Google Maps—that is, their location, with the local searches of potential customers in the vicinity. 


All you have to do for your business to show up in local maps is to create your Google My Business (GMB) profile


At one glance, prospective customers will be able to see the 5-star reviews you’ve received, read feedback about your business, and even view pictures and related comments from other customers. To respond, however, businesses must be verified on the GMB platform. 


Home to over 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is an essential place to establish your business’s profile. With multiple functionalities spread across the mobile app and other devices, Google is a business directory like no other.



yelp reviews

Yelp is a popular review website for consumers, allowing them to publish reviews and rate local businesses on a five-star scale. 

Setting up a profile on Yelp is free for businesses and users alike. 


Yelp enables businesses to promote their offerings to new and existing customers, boosting their visibility—especially in local neighborhoods or close geographic locations. Besides local uses, users might find it helpful when planning a trip or vacation and want to discover popular businesses to visit and patronize.


The business profile displays information related to its offerings, store hours, phone number, and location information. For restaurant-based businesses, it even provides health inspection scores, menus, and (sometimes) the option to place an order via the platform.


Yelp was initially focused on restaurants, but quickly expanded to include businesses from all industries, with a particular focus on local options.


Customers can rate and review a business, allowing other “Yelpers” in the community to gauge the quality before engaging.


Consider it the “social network” of reviewers.


If your business hasn’t already, claim your business listing on Yelp. By doing so, your business can attract new customers and monitor the Yelp reviews you receive. 

Chances are, there might be a few reviews for your business already! 



facebook review site

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network on a global scale. There is no denying the massive opportunity it offers for businesses. 

Here, businesses set up a Facebook Business Page that provides all the necessary information and the opportunity for happy customers to “check in” (letting their friends know they’re at your business!). Customers can post reviews and business owners can use this communication channel to directly engage with their audience. 


Unlike Yelp, Facebook no longer operates on the 5-star rating scale. Facebook instead uses a recommendation-based system.


Facebook also offers the fantastic functionality of running paid ads, specifically targeting your key demographic and thereby boosting your chances of converting more loyal customers and unique visitors.


Whether you’re a local electrician or in the plumbing business, you can set up shop on Facebook with your Business Page. Facebook is home to all business types. 


Get started here


Better Business Bureau

bbb website

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is not only a secure business review site, it’s more popularly known for its consumer advocacy, catering to B2C and B2B businesses in North America. 

Running as a non-profit organization, the BBB pits its business listings against a set of best practices. 


Unlike the standard review site, they don’t provide a stamp of approval on any business or service. Instead, they act as an objective information portal for consumers to learn about a business. 


A business listing on BBB will show the general information as on any other site and more details to best protect consumer interest. These include the record of any complaints registered against the business on the site, customer reviews, and the BBB rating of the business (from A to F). 


However, to be listed on the BBB, businesses must pay a fee. 


While this is a more costly option than the other review sites on this list, it’s worth showing your customers that you’re a trustworthy business and a great move on part of your reputation management. The BBB badge can help do that. 


Interested? Get accredited here



nextdoor website

Nextdoor is a digital hub where users can exchange recommendations and read the latest news about local businesses. Nextdoor focuses on community; it focuses on connecting customers, agencies, and businesses alike that, well, just might be your next door neighbor.

Nextdoor presents a special opportunity for local businesses to connect with residents in the area. Nextdoor is especially beneficial for businesses that prefer to leverage a hyper-focused audience.


Users receive relevant news and updates from neighbors, public agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in real time. Every neighbor must also be verified; this ensures all user reviews and recommendations are legitimate and vetted.


Your business can start earning online reviews through Nextdoor here 



homeadvisor website

For home-service businesses, HomeAdvisor is the way to go.

HomeAdvisor offers ranking-based listings of service providers in the user’s vicinity or service needed.


Its business listings are divided on the basis of service categories, including painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and much more.


Customers leave reviews based on their overall experience with the home-service professional who completed the job. Customers then provide individual ratings on the following three areas: 


  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • Value for money


The service professional then has the option of responding to the customer’s review of them.

Ready to Get Started on an Online Review Site?

With many review sites on the Internet that influence a customer’s purchase decision, local businesses should capitalize on setting up a digital shop.


Businesses can also leverage Angie’s List or Foursquare for more review options and possibilities. The choices are plenty, and your business can greatly benefit from any of the platforms out there.


It’s time to claim your business listings, earn positive reviews, and engage directly with your customers!


Need help expanding your business’s online real estate?

Partner with Signpost and leverage our review management service today.

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