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Signpost’s NEW Mobile App is Here!

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of Signpost’s new mobile app!


Local business owners and managers are on the move, on the job, and getting things done. We recognize the need to access and respond to important prospect and customer conversations on the go, so that’s what we had top of mind when building our mobile app. 


Signpost’s mobile app empowers you to message anytime, from anywhere. Available on Apple and Android devices, our app ensures that you stay connected so that you can: 

Centralize all of your communications in a single place: Manage all of your texts, chats, and Facebook messages from a single mobile app. Instead of toggling across multiple platforms to receive and respond to important messages, Signpost’s mobile app combines three platforms (SMS / text, Facebook messenger, and Chat from your website), making it super easy to stay organized and streamline communications with your prospects and customers. 


respond in real time

Respond to incoming messages in real time: By centralizing all of your conversations and connecting your Signpost Chat account, our mobile app empowers you to respond quickly – and in real time. We know that speed is the name of the game, especially when prospective customers are evaluating your business. Signpost’s mobile app ensures that you are equipped to respond from wherever you are – at the office, in your truck, or on the job.


customer experience

Deliver a better customer experience: Efficient and effective communications can help set your business apart from your competitors. By enabling prospects and customers to reach you through multiple messaging channels, you’ll provide a superior experience and position your business to deliver on their expectations.


Get started on Signpost’s mobile app today! 


If you’re already a Signpost customer, download the app on your Apple or Android devices here:

Then, follow these steps to link your Facebook account and enable push notifications.


If you’re not yet partnered with us and would like to learn more about how our mobile app and platform can help your business, schedule a demo with our team.

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