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Six Ways to Get the Most Value out of Signpost’s Mobile App

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You asked… we delivered! With the recent launch of our mobile app, you can manage important prospect and customer conversations at your office, from your truck, on the job, and anywhere in between. Signpost’s app is an essential extension of our platform that ensures you’re capitalizing on the benefits of great reviews to capture new leads and drive prospect and customer conversations forward. Check out this video to learn how it works:


You may be wondering how to make the most of your Signpost account with the mobile app now part of your business’s toolkit. While there are many ways to use it, here are the six best ways to get the most out of our mobile app:


Activate Signpost’s Chat on your website: Signpost’s Chat is a powerful extension of your website that engages visitors and helps them access important information when they need it most. Our Chat feature also enables afterhours messaging, scheduling, and handles missed calls, so that your business never misses a beat. Signpost’s new mobile app connects your website to your device, so that you can respond to incoming chats quickly and efficiently without dropping everything and returning to your computer. 


Enable Facebook messaging and connect it to the app: If you’re not using messaging for your business’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to convert recommendations and interest on your page to new leads. If you haven’t activated this feature on your Facebook business page, follow these simple steps to activate page messaging. Then, once you download Signposts’s mobile app, follow these steps to connect Facebook Messenger to your account. Once these steps are complete, you now have the ability to receive and respond to all incoming messages to your business’s Facebook page from the Signpost app!


Turn on push notifications: We recognize that your ability to respond quickly to incoming messages helps to define the level of your customer service and distinguish your business from others to capitalize on new opportunities. To set yourself up for success, you must be alerted in real time when these important messages and reviews come in. Follow these steps to ensure that push notifications are enabled in the Signpost app on your Apple, Android, or other device. These alerts will notify you of important requests from your website, including incoming chats, messages, callback and appointment requests, missed calls, and voicemails, and give you the ability to respond quickly no matter where you are, so that you never miss a lead. You’ll also receive notifications every time you earn a new review! 


Let customers know that they can text you: Your Signpost account comes with a dedicated phone number that links to your mobile app, and this feature opens an important channel of communication between you and your prospects and customers. After all, consumers now want multiple options to interact with your business, including chat and text. Let your prospects and customers know that they can contact you on your dedicated text number to ask quick questions about your services or inquire on the status of their project, for example. Encourage them to text “START” to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns if you want to keep the lines of communication open and drive loyalty long-term. 


Send proactive messages to customers via the mobile app: The Signpost app helps you keep messages from your personal phone number separate from those that come in and are sent from from your business account. Don’t forget that proactive communications throughout the course of a job or service delivery can enhance and improve the experience for your customers. If you’re running late on a job or just want to give homeowners a heads-up when you’re on the way, send them a text message via the mobile app with that information. Proactive communications can provide your most important stakeholders – your customers – with assurance that they’re top of mind and that their business is important to you.


Get your team onto Signpost’s mobile app: Many businesses rely on multiple team members to manage their interactions with prospects and customers. As a result, it’s critical to stay aligned and on top of what’s going on with these important conversations. Signpost’s mobile app ensures that all of your conversations live in a single location, rather than on individual team members’ devices. The app can be downloaded and accessed by each of your team members, so that they can interact with and have transparency into these interactions. Encourage each of your team members to download and train up on the app, as appropriate.  


We hope these tips were helpful to help you get the most value out of Signpost’s mobile app, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


 If you’re already a Signpost customer, download the app on your Apple or Android devices here:


If you’d like to learn more about how our mobile app and platform can help your business, schedule a demo with our team.

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