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keeping track of payments template

Template for Keeping Track of Payments

Why You Need to be Keeping Track of Payments for Your Business Cash flow is an area of business management that keeps small business owners up at night. And for good reason! Cash is the lifeblood for any business. The movement of money in and out of your daily operations will impact every aspect of

Buy Reviews - Featured

The Case Against Buying Online Reviews

Reviews matter.    They act as solid social proof for the quality of your business, directly from the customers themselves.    As far as free advertising goes, positive reviews and word-of-mouth publicity can do wonders to boost your business’s online visibility and credibility. Customers trust other customers who publish honest accounts of their experiences with

guide to online review sites - featured

Guide to Online Review Sites

Online Review Sites for Your Business Every business comes to know the importance of an online review.    Whether you’re a small business in your city or even a large corporation, online reviews can impact customers’ perceptions, sales, and your business’s brand image in the long run.   Customers want assurance before spending their money

Facebook Business Page Cost - 3

Facebook Business Page Cost

Did you know that over 90 million small businesses use Facebook to market their business? Of the many Facebook features for business support and growth, running a Facebook Business Page is one of the most compelling, and the Facebook Business Page cost is something to make sure you are 100% informed on to ensure growth

how to respond to negative reviews

How Do I Change the Name of my Business Page on Facebook

A Facebook Business Page is an excellent way for your customers to connect with you and find essential information about your business. Over time, you may want to change the name of a Facebook Business page to reflect changing business needs. Did you know that Facebook hosts over 80 million small businesses globally that have

Google Review Email Template

Is Email Marketing Still a Good Marketing Tool in 2021?

For many business owners, 2021 is all about setting the stage with a fresh perspective and determining what marketing activities you should invest in. It’s a great opportunity to learn which marketing best practices can help you stand out from the competition.

How to Remove Negative Yelp Reviews - Featured

How to Remove Negative Yelp Reviews

Online reviews make up a big part of a small business’s reputation, and negative reviews are the last thing most business owners want to deal with. Learning how to remove negative Yelp reviews can help recover a big part of a small business’s online reputation. Did you know that 82% of consumers avoid engaging with a

hvac contractor

Providing Great Service Means Being Proactive (And it’s Good Business, Too)

I’ve been a homeowner for 20 years now and, yet, I know very little about maintaining my house. I’ve been busy raising a family and building several businesses over that time. The home service professionals that my family works with are the experts that I depend upon. Unfortunately, my home service pros do a terrible

Your Word-of-mouth Isn’t as Good as it Should Be

Mike has been my family’s plumber for 20 years. He’s seen us through two houses and two children who tending to flush things down the toilet that they shouldn’t (even at 17 years old, but that’s another story). The last time Mike was at our house (one shouldn’t flush paper towels), I asked him how he drove leads to his business.

ask for a review featured

How to Ask For a Review

Online reviews are incredibly advantageous for small businesses.  On one hand, small business owners can boost the credibility of their local brand and build their online reputation through positive business reviews. But did you know that reviews are also directly linked to your annual revenue and long term profitability?  A study published by Harvard Business