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Google My Business Ranking

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Google My Business Ranking

Google My Business Basics What is Google My Business? Did you know that the average business is found in over 1,000 searches per month? Google search and local SEO are absolutely integral to a business’s marketing strategy. This is where Google My Business comes in.   Google My Business is Google’s free tool for businesses

Yelp vs Google Reviews

Yelp vs Google Reviews: Where Should Your Business Spend the Effort?

Yelp vs Google Reviews The competition is high in today’s digital environment; this is true even for small and local businesses. Business owners today have a lot more to worry about than local advertisements and spreading word-of-mouth.  Online reviews are just as important to look into and prioritize. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers

Reputation management cartoon depiction.

A Quick Guide to Reputation Management for Business Owners

What is Reputation Management?   Did you know that 87% of executives believe managing reputation risk is more important than other strategic risks? This statistic shows the kind of impact a strong reputation management strategy can have on your business.    So, what exactly is reputation management?   Reputation management is all about defining the

synup vs yext vs signpost

Synup vs Yext vs Signpost: Which Platform is Best for Small and Local Businesses?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of the U.S. economy. In fact, they represent over 90% of the business population!   With the growth of competition both online and offline, small and local businesses today have to be ready to adapt to the growing trends in social media, reputation management, and more. This is

A home service business owner using sales tracking software.

The Top Sales Tracking Software for Small Home Service Businesses Everywhere

Does My Business Really Need Sales Tracking Software? You don’t have to be a large corporation with hundreds of employees to use sales tracking software. The sales pipeline can be tricky to manage for any business, including small and local businesses.    In fact, 91% of companies with more than just 11 employees utilize sales

Google My Business.

The Quick and Essential Guide to Google My Business

What is Google My Business? Did you know that the average business is found in 1,009 Google searches per month?   Business owners who aren’t leveraging a Google My Business listing are missing out on a goldmine opportunity when it comes to their digital marketing efforts.    Google My Business allows businesses, whether they’re local

A business collaboration inside an office setting.

How Business Collaboration Can Be the Key to Growth

What is Business Collaboration? Did you know that only 8% of companies today feel that their current business model is viable? This startlingly low percentage makes sense once you take into account the impact of collaboration on business activity.    Businesses worldwide are expanding in every aspect of their operations as they seek to reach

An example of a home service business owner creating a website for your business.

Creating a Website for Your Home Service Business: How to and Essential Tips

Why Do I Need a Website For My Home Service Business? Have you ever tried to find a local service provider like an electrician, plumber, or general contractor? It’s not always easy. Customers often have to scour the web to find contact information for businesses in their area, browse website after website, and hope they

Why email deliverability matters to you

Do you need to worry about email deliverability? No. Should you understand why it’s important to your business? Absolutely. Whether you’re well versed in email marketing or just starting out, just know that email deliverability is important to successfully generating online reviews. Consistently reaching your customers email inbox ensures your review requests are being read, which